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Hey! I’m Hanna

I’m Hanna - a fitness expert and a believer in a healthy and balanced approach to exercise and diet.

With a following of 3m+ followers all over the world, I launched OWNU, to help women everywhere reach their goals and own their body & mind. With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, I know what works and what doesn't.

I wrote these fitness guides, and these are the plans I use in my personal training, so come and join me and the tens of thousands of girls pushing and fighting every day. Let’s get to it.

Hanna XX


You Don’t Need Any Other Fitness App

Together with my team consisting of personal trainers and nutritionists, I've worked to develop the guides, workout plans, meal plans, and recipe libraries to ensure that I'm getting maximum results from the hard work I put in. And I’ve worked hard to make sure that OWNU gives you everything you need to own your bodies and minds, and to reach your personal health and fitness goals. Let’s get to work!


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  • Personalised workout plans

  • Access to 100+ balanced and tasty recipes

  • Personalised meal plans tailored to your needs

  • Regular exclusive content from me, Hanna


160,000 women have already seen the benefits of the OWNU App. Could you?

Meal Plans

We have our own nutritionist at OWNU who makes sure you never have to worry about what to eat. Use the fully customizable meal calendar to experience a new level of meal planning. Choose whether to show calorie targets based on your goals and biometrics to plan your nutritional intake for each day, and OWNU will automatically assemble your weekly shopping list.


Recipe Library

With the recipe library of 200 unique meal ideas, cooking healthy and tasty food is easy. Covering a range of diets - you will never go hungry for inspiration on what to cook next. Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, standard - there’s something for everyone.


Workout Library

I’ve included all 30 of my workout plans in the OWNU app, so you always access expert-designed workouts. And with the built-in recommendation tool, you’ll find the perfect guide for you and your goals.


In-App Shop

I’ve worked hard to develop THE range of workout equipment you need to get the most of my workouts, and now you can get them too. The exclusive in-app shop for premium members includes:

⇢ Be the first to know when new products drop and re-stocks happen

⇢ Exclusive offers and discounts only for OWNU premium members

⇢ Pay with Apple or Google Pay and store shipping details for future purchases

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