OWNU Flex Fit
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Train with Hanna Öberg & achieve lasting results

Whether your goal is to shape your body, complete your first pull-up or just feel confident when you step into the gym - we have a guide for you. Choose from over 50+ guides, expertly crafted for all training goals and levels. Choose from 3, 4, or 5 day splits customisable for training at home or in the gym.

Access literally 100s of recipes to take the guess work out of meal planning and nutrition.




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First workout app that’s actually worth the money!!! I’ve spent more on other influencers apps to never use them because the workouts and recipes were not just minimal; but also not enjoyable.


I have used the app for a long time and love that there are so many different programs. Whether I want to build muscle or lose weight, there are different programs with different areas of focus. I also use it if I am on holiday etc. because there are so many good home programs. I love this app!!!


Amazing app! This app has programs for everyone. Home, gym, beginner, seasoned professionals, you name it. I am a personal trainer myself and have used this app for YEARS. takes the effort out of planning a program for yourself. Able to select your exact desired goals! A must.

Ashley Cummings

I have been training with Hanna's plans for a month and have had lots of fun following the plan. Having the app and a plan helps a lot to stay consistent and motivated! You can track your reps and weight and can switch exercises to alternatives if a machine is not free at the moment :)


I downloaded this in December and I see the results. And the app is just great!!! Customer service is fantastic!!!!!

Juliet Tejada